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      Custom 3D printing services
      throughout Russia

      3d printing and prepress preparation of 3d models of cmponents of any complexity and configuration with sizes from 1 cm3 to 1.2 m3, up to 1.5 m in length made of various types of plastic: Polyamide PA-12, ABS, PLA, PP, HIPS, FLEX

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    3D Printing Services

    3D printing with ABS PLA plastic

    FDM printing technology is used

    Price of printing of products made of ABS, PLA, HIPS, FLEX is from 8 rubles/cm3 *

    Order completion period is from 3 working days

    These materials have high impact strength, tensile strength and bending strength. All this makes it possible to perform functional tests close to real conditions, as well as to obtain final components.

    3D printing with polyamide

    SLS printing technology is used

    Price of printing of models and prototypes made of polyamide is from 81 rubles/cm3 *

    Order completion period is from 3 working days

    High characteristics of the resulting products make it possible to use parts made of polyamide as a small-scale production technology. It is most suitable for the piece production of complex parts.

    * Cost of 3D printing depends on the volume and price of the used material. The exact volume of the material is determined with use of a digital 3D model.

    Files for bulk printing

    Any 3d printers “recognize” 3D model files with the extension .STL but this format does not support textures. In addition, we work with the STEP exchange format, which can be converted into the necessary formats for three-dimensional printing. Important: the model must be designed to the scale and dimensions of manufacture. It is possible to increase or decrease the scale of the model in agreement with the customer, with a corresponding change in the cost of the product (component).

    Examples of our work

    • Printing technology - SLS
    • Material - Polyamide (nylon) RA-12