SPA «Android Technics» – Space future


SPA “Android Technics” specializes in the development, production, maintenance of robotic complexes (RTC) of different purpose, sensory and drive systems and software.

Collaborative robots

We produce collaborative robots for automation of cyclic production processes with a load capacity from 3 to 10 kg and with a different operating range

Medical robotics

We produce adaptive robotic systems for the treatment, rehabilitation, and social adaptation of post-stroke patients, children with injury of the central nervous system and patients after injuries

Educational robotics

We produce research laboratories based on anthropomorphic robotic systems and complexes for research and educational activities and obtaining practice-oriented knowledge

Brushless motors

We produce a range of synchronous brushless permanent magnet motors in frame and frameless forms with power from 100 to 400 W and high torque

Our partners

We cooperate with leading corporations and companies in the Russian Federation, which set a standard of the country's technological development.

Implemented projects

For 10 years, we have been implementing projects in various industries: anthropomorphic robotics, mobile systems, copying devices, and more.