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Digitalization of SMEs

Effective solution for digitalization of companies

  • Modular principle
  • Domestic software

Advantages of Digitalization of SMEs

Quality of service

  • Keep the entire history of customer communication.
  • Make communication with a client more individualized.
Качество обслуживания

Full transparency

  • Monitor the business processes of the enterprise 24/7.
  • Make decisions based on up-to-date data.
Полная прозрачность

Modular principle

Implementation of the system in stages, putting into operation one or more functional modules.

Модульный принцип

Accessibility and convenience

Divide the workspace:

  • functional blocks;
  • tooltips;
  • appearance settings.
Доступность и удобство

Data protection

  • Store information centrally.
  • Configure employee access levels.
Защита данных

Saving on IT solutions

Replace dozens of independent programs:

  • employee training;
  • licensing;
  • technical support.
Экономия на ИТ-решениях

Productivity growth

Simplify your work with use of uniform standards and the same interface for all internal systems.

Рост продуктивности

Automation of reporting

  • Create reports in the shortest possible time
  • Automating the compilation and distribution of reports saves time
Автоматизация отчётности