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Robotic wheelchair for social adaptation of persons with disabilities "Hephaestus"

up to 140 kg
Stroke speed (max):
6-10 km/h
Ground clearance:
65 mm
Height of obstacles to be overcome:
up to 50 mm
Price on request

Features of the robotic wheelchair:

  • possibility of a flexible adjustment under physiology of each patient and with consideration of his diagnosis;
  • availability of verticalization system;
  • autonomy of movement without support of others.

The vertical position of the body provides conditions for monitoring the overall good condition of the body, the proper functioning of all organs:

  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • improves metabolism;
  • stimulates the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • increases joint mobility and muscle tone and is one of the important methods of preventing secondary complications, providing preventive effects and accelerating the process of rehabilitation after a long stay in a supine position.
    Verticalization gives a sense of mobility, independence, and the ability to be on a par with others.

Main advantages of the robotic wheelchair:

  • Use of the most modern element base available on the market in the field of electronics and software, the latest multi-core processors with ARM architecture;
  • use of modern high-precision servo drives;
  • use of the latest world achievements in the field of biocommunication sensors;
  • domestic production;
  • availability in comparison with foreign analogues;
  • simplified system of the product maintenance, due to the Russian production.

Structure of the robotic wheelchair:

  • seat with adjustable depth and width for individual adaptation;
  • back with a biomechanical structure that prevents friction during activation of the verticalization system;
  • footrest with adjustment function;
  • palm rest;
  • headrest;
  • shoulder and side supports;
  • lumbar support;
  • spacer for feet;
  • straps for fixing the body position.

Вышеперечисленные элементы имеют возможность регулировки под индивидуальные особенности.
Мягкие эргономичные держатели обеспечивают стабильность положения тела и дают чувство безопасности при вертикализации положения.

The software package includes:

  • program controller;
  • multimode user interface;
  • control system;
  • supply system;
  • power drive system;
  • onboard computer;
  • software for the complex control.
Seat width560mm
Seat depth530 mm
Wheelchair length1350 mm
Service support
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