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Registration certificate RZN2023/19818 dated March 20, 2023

Robotic complex for restoring locomotor functions of the hands


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  • Universal hand module
  • Rack for attaching the hand module
  • Electroencephalographic electrode system
  • Control and power supply unit
  • Analyzer-monitor of brain biopotentials
  • Doctor laptop and patient monitor
  • Emergency stop button
  • Specialized software for EEG registration with the technique of brain-machine interaction of imaginary movement
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The principle of operation of the complex

  • Passive recording of brain activity using several electrodes.
  • Data transfer to electroencephalograph, transfer via USB.
  • Signal filtering. Classification of the electroencephalography signal.
  • Set the desired rotation angle for each brush.
  • Hand movement based on incoming command from encephalography analysis.
Принцип работы комплекса

The technology is based on the ability of the cerebral cortex to spontaneous and modulated reorganization of neuronal networks due to neuroplastic processes.

The rehabilitation procedure consists in stimulating the mechanisms of neuroplasticity of the brain, activated by the imagination of movement, in which the exoskeleton of the hand makes movements under the control of the patient`s thought power, implemented through the brain-computer interface.


  • Active participation of the patient himself in the rehabilitation process, the implementation of applied tasks.
  • Use of biofeedback: visual, proprioceptive and tactile.
  • The latest effective methods of rehabilitation and habilitation - neurorehabilitation.
  • Approximation of the rehabilitation environment to the real one.
  • Availability of mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of exercises performed.

Visual performance

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