Сollaborative robot CR 5 – SPA «Android Technics»

Сollaborative robot CR 5

Working load:
5 kg
27,8 kg
Material of construction:
Operating surface:
Price on request

Collaborative robotic complex (CRC) with carrying capacity of 5 kg is designed for automatization of different processes regarding technological operations performance in cooperation with a man.

Content of CR:

  1. Base modules:
    • Manipulator modules;
    • Control/display unit;
    • Operator terminal.
  2. Additional modules:
    • Grip modules;
    • Hardware and software platform of object searching and identification;
    • Hardware and software platform of foreign objects registration and trajectory planning with cinematics superfluity and operating area limitation.


  • Application of own driving decision developed by SPA “AT”;
  • High level of positioning accuracy and repeatability thanks to special algorithms of control system;
  • Intelligible and comprehensible interface of control system;
  • Easy mounting, programing and resetting for new tasks performance.

Content of additional software:

  • ETS (annual updating and maintenance);
  • Subject specialization ;
  • Ready decisions regarding integration of CR in digital production.
Operating surface in a horizontal plane1,8 m2
Operating surface in a vertical plane1,2 m2