Аффилированные лица НПО «АТ» – SPA «Android Technics»

Corporate Group of SPA ”Android Technics”

Legal entity Contacts Business goals
JSC “SPA “Android Technics”
  • Phone numbers:
  • +7 (495) 226-02-99,
  • +7 (495) 226-12-99,
  • +7 (495) 226-14-99,
  • https://npo-at.com/ru/
  • INN 7723738378
Creation of the intellectual property. The entire scientific potential of the Group, its intellectual property and licenses are accumulated in SPA “Android Technics”. An innovative type of the corporate culture, focus on new achievements, and innovating are formed in SPA “Android Technics”. The main staff consists of scientists, designers, inventors, technical writers and unique specialists in technical fields: mechanical engineers, electronics, electricians, specialists in mechatronics. The company has formed a scientific and production base with a laboratory, measuring, testing equipment and testing grounds. The company closely cooperates with investors, research centers and universities.
JSC “IC” SPA “Android Technics” Mass production
The production unit of serial civilian products was implemented in JSC “IC SPA “Android Technics” (Magnitogorsk). The enterprise is characterized by a market and process contour of the corporate culture. The production complex flexibly changes to the conjuncture and trends of the market, works in accordance with civil regulations, GOST standards, technical specifications. The main specialists are production workers, technologists, design engineers, machine operators, assemblers and testers of finished products. The equipment includes a high-performance and automation (CNC) machine park, industrial robots, packaging stands, warehouse and testing equipment. The company occupies the workshops of the Group's production complex.
LLC “Technopark” “Robotics”
  • Phone number:
  • +7 963 477 11 11
  • technopark-robotics@mail.ru
  • INN 7455024488
Property management, carrying out activities
The main business purpose of the enterprise consists in the selection, leasing, purchase and management of the property. The enterprise performs the classic functions of a technopark: it selects residents (startup companies), rents offices and production areas to them, provides engineering infrastructure. The profile of the corporate culture is a “family”, the task is to provide comfortable conditions for the residents of the technopark and the companies of the Group. Technopark’s employees are specialists in the selection and management of the propoerty, boiler room operators, engineering and maintenance personnel - locksmiths, electricians, cleaning staff. The equipment includes boiler station, tools and small machines. It is located in the building No. 12 of the technopark of the Group's production site. The company closely cooperates with the executive authorities of the municipality.
JSC “Design Department” “Biomorphic robots”
  • Phone number:
  • +7 906 853 87 08
  • INN 7456021673
Development of dual-purpose products
The business goal of the enterprise is the development and production of dual-use prototypes for the needs of defense industry enterprises, civil defense, State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS. The enterprise operates according to the standards of the Ministry of Defense, has a process profile of corporate culture and universal specialists (designers, technologists, engineers, technicians) in the field of mechatronics, mechanics, electrics, assemblers and testers of prototypes and preproduction prototypes. All products of the enterprise are individual, made in single copies or in small batches. The equipment includes precision machines of low productivity, test benches, assembly tables. The company is located at the Group’s production site in the premises certified by Advanced Research Foundation.